See Which 10 Cars Depreciate The Most In Five Years

Shirley Beal

The automotive market has gone crazy in the last several months. Many different factors – including Covid-related supply and production disruptions – contribute to an unstable environment, which has a negative effect on the prices of new and used cars. Overall, five-year depreciation is almost at record levels and there are obviously models that lose their value more than others over a five-year course.

iSeeCars has analyzed more than three million three- and five-year-old vehicles to see which cars depreciate the most and which ones hold their value best. On average, a five-year-old vehicle is just 33.3 percent cheaper compared to its value from MSRP. Interestingly, compared to last year’s data, that number represents a 17-percent decrease in depreciation.

It probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that large and luxury cars and SUVs show the highest depreciation over five years. Data from iSeeCars reveals the BMW 7 Series loses the largest portion of its value with a 56.9-percent depreciation. Interestingly, the same model was the second worst-performing in the agency’s 2017 report. The Maserati Ghibli is second in this year’s report with a 56.3-percent depreciation, while the Jaguar XF comes third with a 54-percent depreciation.

Top 10 Vehicles with the Highest Five-Year Depreciation 
Rank Model Depreciation Avg $ Difference from MSRP
1 BMW 7 Series  56.9% $61,923
2 Maserati Ghibli 56.3% $51,168
3 Jaguar XF 54.0% $36,081
4 Infiniti QX80 52.6% $44,265
5 Cadillac Escalade ESV 52.3% $55,128
6 Mercedes-Benz S-Class 51.9% $65,375
7 Lincoln Navigator 51.9% $41,426
8 Audi A6 51.5% $33,331
9 Volvo S90 51.4% $32,321
10 Ford Expedition 50.7% $32,674
National Average  33.3% $14,049

On the other side of the spectrum, the Jeep Wrangler holds its value the best over five years of ownership, losing just 7.3 percent of its value. This is an impressive result, followed by the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited at 8.7 percent depreciation. The Porsche 911 comes third, albeit with double the depreciation rate compared to the Wrangler.

Top 10 Vehicles with the Lowest Five-Year Depreciation
Rank Model Average 5-Year Depreciation Avg $ Difference from MSRP 
1 Jeep Wrangler 7.3% $2,361
2 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 8.7% $3,344
3 Porsche 911 14.6% $20,634
4 Toyota Tacoma 14.9% $5,926
5 Honda Civic 16.3% $4,237
6 Subaru BRZ 18.2% $5,985
7 Ford Mustang 19.4% $7,528
8 Toyota Corolla 19.8% $4,617
9 Nissan Versa 19.9% $3,183
10 Chevrolet Camaro 20.2% $7,981
National Average  33.3% $14,049

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