What Happens When You Postpone Windshield Replacement

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What Happens When You Postpone Windshield Replacement

Replacing your windshield might not seem important, but it’s essential for safety. Putting it off can cost you more in the long run. Making an appointment at an auto shop takes time, but it’s necessary to keep you safe on the road.

We often rush to fix problems with our cars like worn brake pads or tires that need replacing. We do this because we want our cars to run smoothly and safely. So, it makes sense to treat windshield damage with the same urgency.

What Can Happen if Your Windshield Is Damaged

  • Safety Hazards – A damaged windshield is risky because it’s more likely to break in a crash and can’t support the roof. It’s not just about seeing clearly; the windshield is part of your safety system. A crack weakens it, putting you in danger. Replace or fix it ASAP to stay safe.
  • The damages can spread. Not all damage needs a new windshield; sometimes a repair works. But waiting too long can make it worse, needing a full replacement. If the damage is in your line of sight or reaches the edge, replacement is necessary.
  • You could be fined. Did you know Florida has rules about driving safely? If your windshield crack is over 12mm, you could be fined $500! Waiting makes it more likely you’ll get stopped by the police.

Mobile Windshield Replacement Has Many Benefits

Many people put off replacing their windshields because they’re busy. Work, family, and other tasks come first. But in Sarasota, Tallahassee, Fort Myers, and Jacksonville, there are mobile windshield replacement services. They offer these benefits:

No hassle and no interruptions to your day. It can be hard to fit windshield replacement into a busy schedule, especially with kids or a busy home. But with mobile service, you can carry on as usual. You get what you need without leaving home.

Mobile replacement of windshields is safer. If your windshield is badly damaged and it’s not safe to drive, it’s not wise to go to an auto glass shop. You’ll need to find another way to get your car there after the repair. Towing your car can cost a lot. We offer free mobile windshield replacement in Sarasota, Tallahassee, Fort Myers, and Jacksonville.

Can Save You Money – Some people think mobile windshield replacements are pricier than going to a glass shop. It depends on the company you choose. We have ways to save you money, like billing your insurance directly. We can even talk about covering your deductible.

This post was written by a professional at At Home Auto Glass. At Home Auto Glass is your prime destination for auto glass services, catering to a diverse array of vehicles and needs. We work with insurance companies to get your new windshield today! Specializing in windshield repair and replacement, we ensure clarity and safety for every drive. Our expertise doesn’t end there; we also offer back glass replacement, side window replacement, and cater to specific needs for RV glass, commercial vehicles, luxury vehicles, and classic cars, ensuring that every vehicle type is serviced with precision and care. Proudly serving Florida, our reach extends across Sarasota, Tampa, Orlando, Fort Myers, Tallahassee, Ocala, Gainesville, and Jacksonville. Call us now to get your quote for your windshield replacement Florida.

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