Incredibly Rare Muscle Cars Found Abandoned In A Warehouse Is Beyond Belief

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This incredible warehouse is full of some epic machines, including a rare pair of muscle cars that includes a 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429.

Everyone loves a good barn find. They are some of the coolest cars out there. The thought of a rare and exotic machine, stuffed away from human eyes is truly a captivating one. And as you might imagine, over the years there have been some utterly incredible barn finds. Sometimes though, a barn find does not involve just one car. It can involve a whole host of cars, making for an even more incredible find. That is what this video on the Raul Burgos YouTube channel shows us too.

Just before Christmas, Burgos went exploring and found a pretty incredible collection of cars when he did so. Burgos went around an unbelievable collection, one in which its owner said that the cars last ran about 30 years ago. Everything in the warehouse that we see in this video is all original, and they have less than 40,000 miles on the clock as well. It’s not something you expect to find every day. A huge collection of cars, sat gathering dust and doing absolutely nothing. And there are some incredible cars sat around in this barn as well including a very rare Ford Mustang.

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An Incredible Car Collection Right From The Off

The videographer does openly admit in his video description that he is not a car expert, and just wants people to enjoy the video. The video starts off with a Dodge Charger that has rather seen better days, with moss all over it as it is sitting outside. We then instantly get to lay our eyes on a Ford Ranchero that has also seen happier times, and remember these cars are all original. The amount of spare parts also take our breath away as well as they are all littered everywhere.

There is, quite casually, a Kawasaki Ninja sport bike just sat outside on its own too. As you do. Next to the Ninja is a rather sorry looking Ford Mustang. This rather sad example of the classic American muscle car absolutely needs a lot of work if it is to ever run again. We would hazard a guess that this is one car that won’t get a second lease of life. While there are some truly amazing cars around this site, we haven’t even got on to the main event. That all takes place inside the warehouse some of the cars are in.

A Million Dollars’ Worth Of Rare Muscle Cars

Warehouse Barn Finds 429 Boss Mustang Front Quarter View
via Raul Burgos YouTube Channel

It is when we step inside the warehouse that we see the real gems at the heart of this video. What we can see is a 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T convertible. Sat next to the Challenger is a 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429. These are two of the rarest muscle cars that we could ever lay our eyes on. In terms of the Mustang, only 859 were actually made in 1969. This makes it one of the most sought-after Mustangs of all time. In terms of the Challenger, only 963 of these R/T convertibles were in fact made in 1970.

A car show sign is on the Mustang. This states that it is an all-original car and has just 35,000 miles on the clock. That is incredible, making this Mustang an absolute gem. We sadly don’t get quite as clear a look at the Challenger, nor do we get a proper look under the hood. From the grille design though and the R/T badging, we are relatively confident that this is a real deal. Whether it is an original Hemi car is another question as so few existed, but then again it is sat next to a Boss 429.

A Torino Cobra Jet And Pontiac GTO Were Also In The Warehouse

Warehouse Barn Finds 429 Boss Mustang Sign
via Raul Burgos YouTube Channel

Beyond those two cars, there are plenty of other highlights within the collection. Inside the warehouse is a Ford Torino Cobra Jet, and next to it is a first-generation Pontiac GTO. This is before we get to see the plethora of 1970s Ford Mustangs just all over the place. Remember too, this is just the cars inside. As we have touched upon already, there is a huge number sat outside, exposed to the elements. With so man great cars rusting away, it is quite a hard to watch for car enthusiasts.

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An Uncertain Future For All These Cars

Warehouse Barn Full View
via Raul Burgos YouTube Channel

The yard and warehouse are full of some truly incredible cars. Plus, it looks like an abundance of spare parts are all dotted around the area too. What will happen to these machines? Well we don’t really know. The video might prompt someone to get in touch with Burgos in inquire about where these cars are and what the future might hold for them. We certainly hope that the super rare Challenger and Boss 429 manage to go to a good home. Given that we might see over $1 million worth of cars here, they really should get a chance to go to a new home.

Source: Raul Burgos YouTube Channel

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